Growth of 5.0% in Australian Regional Television Advertising Revenues in Fiscal 2011


Television advertising revenues in the five Australian metropolitan markets increased by 9.1% to $3081m in the fiscal year (FY) ending 30 June 2011, according to industry-sourced statistics compiled by accounting firm KPMG and published by the commercial television’s industry representation group Free TV Australia.

It was very much a year of two distinct halves for metropolitan television with advertising revenue growth in the second half slowing to an increase of only 1.1% year on year, following a strong 16.9% rise during the first half.

The 9.1% growth rate in FY 2011 was well above the historic 10 year compound annual growth rate of 3.1% which total metropolitan television advertising revenues experienced over the past relatively volatile decade.

The strongest growth in metropolitan television advertising revenues during FY 2011 occurred in Perth (+11.8%) and Sydney (+10.5%), followed by Brisbane (+9.2%), Melbourne (+7.9%) and Adelaide (+3.4%).

During FY 2011, Sydney increased its share of metropolitan television advertising revenues to 37.3%, while Melbourne’s share declined to 27.6%. In the smaller markets, Brisbane’s share was virtually steady at 17.1%, Perth’s rose to 10.7% and Adelaide’s slipped to 7.4%.

Over the past decade, Melbourne has lost 2.2% of its FY 2001 revenue share, which has been mostly redirected to Brisbane (+1.5%) and Perth (+0.8%). Over the same period Sydney’s revenue share increased by a modest 0.3%, while Adelaide’s declined by a similar amount.

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Report date: 08/08/2011
Industry: Television
Country: Australia
Topic: Ad Revenues
Document Number: GMA2011-81

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