Metro AM Radio Audiences Continue to Decline in 2012/13


Fiscal 2012/13 was another good ratings year for metropolitan FM radio, but also another disappointing one for metro AM broadcasting.

Total metro FM radio listening (to both commercial and ABC stations) during the eight ratings surveys to June 2013 increased on both an average and cumulative 10+ audience basis by 3.2% and 3.4% respectively.
In contrast, metro AM radio listening over the same period declined with average and cumulative 10+ audiences falling by 4.3% and 2.7% respectively.

For the second straight fiscal year Melbourne was the nation’s largest metro radio market in terms of average 10+ audiences with a 32.6% share, however Sydney maintained its traditional top position in terms cumulative 10+ audiences with a comparable 32.6% share.

DMG Radio Australia (DMG) recorded the largest increases in both average and cumulative 10+ audiences following the very successful introduction of the smoothfm format to its second FM stations in Sydney and Melbourne and also as result of audience growth at all five of its Nova-branded stations, particular those in Perth and Brisbane.

DMG’s audience gains last year resulted in it becoming the second largest commercial metro radio group in terms of both average and cumulative 10+ audiences.

Average and Cumulative Audience Trends
In 2012/13, total metro average 10+ audiences declined slightly by 0.5%, as a result of a 3.2% rise in average FM audiences, being more than offset by a larger 4.3% fall in average AM audiences.

However, total metro cumulative 10+ audiences over the same period increased by 1.6%, as a 3.4% rise in FM cumulative audiences exceeded a 2.7% decline in cumulative AM listening.

In other words, while there were slightly fewer listeners to metro radio last year, there was nevertheless an increase in the total amount of time spent listening to metro radio.

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Report date: 19/07/2013
Industry: Radio
Country: Australia
Topic: Finance
Document Number: GMA2013-04

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