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The Ten Network, the free-to-air multi-channels and the subscription TV sector accounted for some of the most interesting developments in metropolitan TV ratings in 2015, despite there being no major movements in audience viewing shares during the year.

A review of last year’s top-line metro TV ratings data reveals that there were no changes in the comparative rankings of the five metro free-to-air (FTA) television networks and the subscription television (STV) sector, in terms of audience share during the critical evening viewing period, with the Seven and Nine Networks retaining their respective and long-standing top two positions.

However, closer examination of OzTAM’s audience measurement statistics reveals some interesting developments over the past calendar year which may prove to have longer term strategic significance if they continue in to 2016.  Of those, three are of particular interest.

First, the Ten Network’s primary Ten channel continued to improve its ratings performance at the expense of its two larger commercial FTA rivals, resulting in Ten being the only commercial network to increase its audience and revenue shares during the year.

Second, the popularity of the comparatively new FTA multi-channels continued to grow, with their combined evening audience shares reaching almost 30% of all commercial viewing and almost 25% of all viewing on the two public broadcasting networks.

And finally, the subscription television sector rebounded to a record aggregate evening audience share, after a period of largely static or declining evening viewing shares in the aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) in 2007/08.


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Report date: 16/02/2016
Industry: Television
Country: Australia
Topic: Ratings
Document Number: GMA2016-01

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