The Revised Great Metro Radio Group Ratings Quiz of 2016


This report and quiz are a revised version of the Great Metro Radio Ratings Quiz of 2016 which was released on 30 August 2016 (the original quiz) by Global Media Analysis (GMA).

Following the release of the original quiz, GfK Australia, who compile and publish the metropolitan radio ratings in Australia on behalf of Commercial Radio Australia, advised GMA of certain anomalies between some statements and statistics cited in GMA’s original quiz and GFK’s own calculations.

Following a review of its methodology and modelling as well as the much valued input from GfK, GMA has determined that the main reason for the variations between its computations and those of GfK were due to its calculation being based upon publicly available summary ratings data, which is less precise than the Gold Standard RAM approved software employed by GfK , and which therefore in some instances may lead to slightly differing results, particularly when calculating annual percent changes.

However, GMA also wishes to acknowledge that GfK’s input also assisted GMA in identifying four other minor errors in its calculations and modelling which together resulted in a few changes being made to the answers to the original quiz, particularly to the answer to Question Eight. Those changes have been incorporated into the answers to the revised quiz presented below.

Not wishing to diminish the experience of any reader who may be taking the quiz for the first time, GMA has decided to delay identifying the differences in the answers between the original and the revised quiz until the end of this revised quiz.

Moreover, any differences in the answers between the original quiz and the revised quiz will be presented in the form of a supplementary question (Question Eleven) presented at the end of this revised quiz. So even if you have taken the original quiz, it may well be worth your while to take this revised version and to try and spot the changes.

So yet again: Come One! Come All! Roll Up and take the revised inaugural Great Metro Radio Group Ratings Quiz!

Here is your opportunity to demonstrate to yourself, your workmates and the world at large the extraordinary depth of your knowledge and understanding of the metropolitan radio ratings, not just as they apply to your own program, station, network or group, but also across all metro commercial and Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) radio stations!

This short ten question quiz has been devised by Global Media Analysis to highlight some of 2016’s best ratings performances and it is intended for use by all radio industry participants and followers who fancy themselves as being well versed in the arcane science of deciphering the vast volume of data which comes together to make up the metro radio ratings.

You can download the full repost here: Download

Report date: 05/09/2016
Industry: Radio
Country: Australia
Topic: Ratings
Document Number: GMA2016-06

You can download the full repost here: Download